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    JunCheng Plastic Manufacture Co., Ltd.

    Customer Center
    Hot Products
    Widely used of Nylon material
    More nylon material can be customized by your sample; we will give you best quality and fair price.
    Professional nylon production and research experience.
    • Many years nylon production experience.
    • We have employees over 100 persons.
    • China AAA unit.
    We have advantage of production technology
    , and strong laboratory equipment system.
    • We have China advanced nylon production process line and technology,
      high science content production.
    • We have our own laboratory test, high quality can be control.
    We have international quality management
    system certification.
    • quality is follow by China standard, strict production line.
    • We have customer over worldwide, and famous in China market.
    Professional after-sale service, give you best service.
    • We have professional sale's team, our company using modem enterprise management mode, easy and fast serve our customer.
    Company News
    Tel:0577-65387262 65387866
    Add.(Factory):Gaoxin Road No. 55, Tangxia North industry, Ruian, Zhejiang, China
    Add.(Shop):Huangzheng Nan Road no. 102-104, Tangxi, Tangxia, Ruian, Zhejiang, China